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Acme Thread Gages


Acme Thread Gages

What can I say about thread gages that you don’t already know? Did you know that they are used for measuring the inside of threaded cylindrical surfaces? Pricing is provided upon request to the customer. There are many different sizes to choose from to suit any need.

Do you want quality? Of course you do. With thread gages you will get this. Time and again this brand produces quality products which also enable the project operator to produce a quality product for other customers. Versatility is also one of the key ingredients associated with this product. Anything over 5.0 is priced upon request. Many classes of fit are available which 2c, 3c are, and and4c.Featured with threads is a 29 degree angle of thread.

Thread plugs lengths and blank standards are ASME B47.1. They can be found at different product websites. Really anywhere where quality tools are sold using thread gages makes the jobs go on without a hitch. Machine shops as well as welding fabricator shops make jobs easier with this thread gage. When you’re cutting threads for an inside diameter pipe caps or cutting pipe for a plumbing job this tool works great for checking pitch and angle.

Go to any of the retailer’s location to check out one of these babies. There’s nothing like feeling quality in your hands. So what are you waiting for? Get on down to your local hardware store or get on to your favorite website to order some these for your home project or industrial shop today. You can’t go wrong with ACME thread gages.